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Tattoo removal and skin care in Auburn: Serving Portland, ME and Surrounding Areas

Your skin is highly resilient, but there is only so much it can recover from without help. Sun, aging, tattoos and other factors can leave your skin looking weathered and unattractive. At Your Best Skin of Maine, we restore your skin’s natural beauty through a variety of proven products and techniques.

If you're in or near Portland, make your appointment today in Auburn, ME, to revitalize your appearance and bring out your best skin with these services:

•Tattoo Removal
• Hydrafacial
• I-Lipo
• Botox and Juvederm
• Skin rejuvenation
• Skin care products

Is an unsightly tattoo obscuring your natural beauty?

Effective tattoo removal in Auburn, ME

Getting a tattoo you’ll regret later in life is easy, but getting rid of it is not. We have the training and modern equipment necessary to fade or completely remove any tattoo that is at least three months old.

You may have heard that getting a tattoo removed is more painful than getting the actual tattoo. While the procedure does cause some discomfort, it takes significantly less time than getting a tattoo, and we immediately apply a TrueScience Wrinkle Reduction Cream to reduce pain and blistering.

For more information about our tattoo removal services in Auburn, ME, visit our Tattoo Removal page or call us to schedule your free consultation. We serve Portland and surrounding areas.

Get clean, vibrant, moisturized skin with a hydrafacial from Your Best Skin of Maine

Restore your skin’s beauty with Hydrafacial MD in Aurburn, ME

There’s a reason so many celebrities are turning to Hydrafacial MD to beautify their skin: it really works! And it does much more for your skin than a regular facial. Hydrafacials by Your Best Skin of Maine improve your appearance by restoring youthful, healthy skin. Experience how soothing and relaxing rejuvenating your skin can be by scheduling your appointment today.

Shape your body with non/minimally-invasive techniques

I-Lipo and neurotoxin injections in Auburn, ME

Want to achieve a younger, slimmer look without painful and inconvenient surgeries? I-Lipo treatments are ideal for shaping the body and destroying fat cells almost instantly without any invasive surgery. We also provide neurotoxin injections for simple wrinkle-reduction and anti-aging solutions.

Keep your skin looking vibrant in between visits with our amazing skin care products. We have an array of products designed to tighten, moisturize, clean and protect your skin. Call today for product information and to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll discuss all the ways you can easily rejuvenate your appearance thanks to healthier, cleaner skin. If you're in Portland, ME, or any surrounding area, call today to make your appointment in Auburn!

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