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Many choose Micro-Needling for faster results with no downtime.

Micro–Needling is a much faster way to reduce wrinkles and scars. The instrument looks like a pen with a sterile cartridge that has micro-needles which create micro holes in the skin. As those pin point holes heal they pull the skin tighter by a tiny amount, but there are so many holes it has a big result. The natural response to skin injury is to build up collagen, elastin, and fibrinogen the building blocks of the skin so the results last a long time. It is recommended to do 3 treatments, 3 months apart initially then you may do once a year to maintain results.

For scar treatment we use a different cartridge with fewer micro -needles to break up the scar tissue so that it may heal better. We often use stem cells to aid the tissues in healing for a better looking appearance.

WE HELP WITH WRINKLES - Our Revlite SI Laser stimulates collagen, fibrin, elastin, which make up the building blocks of the skin. Changes are subtle and can be hard to see on a face you look at daily since skin changes depend on the build-up of the foundation of the skin. However, skin changes lasts for more than a year. A follow up treatment maybe used to keep the skin fresh & healthy looking.


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