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You Can't Wish It Away, But You Can Have It Removed!

Do you have tattoos that you want gone? Your Best Skin of Maine has the skill and state of the art equipment to easily and affordably remove almost any unwanted tattoo.

We use the Revlite Sl laser, one of the most innovative and effective tattoo removal devices available. Treatment plans will vary based on the condition of your tattoo.

Schedule your appointment today for the removal of:

  • Professional tattoos — may require (6 or more) treatments to fully fade/remove deep ink deposits and colors that are not as receptive to laser as black ink is. Does not result in scarring with today's technology.
  • Amateur tattoos - typically require fewer treatments as they have less ink and ink is closer to the skin surface. Inconsistent ink depths and scarring may require more treatments.
  • Cosmetic tattoos — these tattoos usually consist of darker inks applied to soft facial tissues. We take cautionary measures, including using a metal eye shield, when necessary to ensure no surrounding tissue is damaged during the process.
  • Traumatic tattoos - unintentional discolorations that result from getting debris under the skin ("road rash"). These discolorations can typically be fully treated in just a few sessions.

The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo depends on several factors, including:

  • Where the tattoo is located; the closer to the heart the better.
  • The colors used contrast between tattoo and skin
  • Whether you smoke
  • Ink used; there is no standard tattoo ink.

For more information about our tattoo removal services in the Lewiston-Auburn areas, schedule your free initial consultation (a $150. VALUE) today at our office in Auburn, Maine.

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