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Smooth Threads
New technology uses suture material to break up scarring and or stimulate the foundation of the skin to grow. Collagen, elastin and fibrinogen are the building blocks of skin. The suture creates an immediate visible improvement by providing structure under the skin, which decreases the depth of the wrinkle or scar. It also creates new blood flow that improves skin texture and glow. The suture dissolves in 3 - 6 months but the new collagen continues to grow for up to a year. Results last 2 - 3 years.

Lifting Threads
These are PDO suture material with cogs that hold the raised skin in place until the new collagen takes over the job. Lifting threads are used to smooth out the jaw line, lift the cheeks reducing jowls, and other faical wrinkles. They are also used to treat neck wrinkles.

Before and After Photos

V Soft Lift® offers three techniques, used either combined or separatel. The LIFT techniqueTM used cogged patented threads that give an immediate lifting effect. The GRID techniqueTM uses smooth threads that boost collagen production, causing better skin quality and giving a radiant appearance. The VOLUME technique™ uses smooth threads that are designed to be used with filler to create extra volume. The facial indications with V Soft Lift® have been expanded to cover the entire face, such as forehead, chin, cheek, lip, neck, jaw line, eyebrows, eye lid, double chin, crow’s feet and frown area. Currently, new techniques to cover certain body indications are under development.

Before and After Photos

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